When you're just starting out in the ebook self-publishing world, it's a difficult and daunting task to get the word out about your prized creation.

Not that there aren't a lot of avenues for marketing and publicity; it's just that selecting the proper avenues, particularly when you have a strict advertising and promotional budget, can make the process downright frightening.

For The Signatures, I'm trying to hit all the usual suspects (which were discovered in the first place by careful online research): press releases to romance and erotica blogs, review requests and submissions to those same blogs and others, social media, this website, emails to friends and relatives (although not all of them, understandably, would welcome my new foray into comic erotica), and careful distribution of my advertising dollars.

Currently I have a sponsored post on Facebook. It's brought quite a number of folks to the Amazon page but so far no sales.

I've also decided to invest some bucks in ads on a popular romance blog, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.


The ad purchase was one of their budget buys, which means a light rotation, low on the page, but I'll take any exposure I can get.

Speaking of which, if you're reading this and have experienced The Signatures or just know someone who would enjoy reading some comic erotica, tell them about this site. Thanks.