Churning within the glittery depths of my word processor is a new novella, "Have You Heard the One About the Fairy Godmother?" It will be a naughty fairy tale, about a novice fairy godmother who gets into all sorts of interesting adventures as she attempts to steer a prince and a princess toward a romance that is destined to unite the kingdoms and restore peace to the land.

godmother_cover_smallIt also is going to be my special gift to everyone who signs up for my newsletter mailing list. (The entry form can be found on the main page of the site.)

"Have You Heard ..." will be completed in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed, and I'll be sending out a download link to everyone who joins the list. There's no deadline; the giveaway will continue indefinitely.

It's a fun adult bedtime story, with plenty of lusty wenches, amorous kings and counts and dukes, a sword fight, a fist fight (or two) and lots and lots of intimate encounters.

It will be something to keep fans of The Signatures happy until my next novel, which will be announced soon.