Currently I'm in the midst of writing my novella, "Have You Heard the One About the Fairy Godmother?" which will be a free giveaway to everyone who joins my newsletter mailing list. (See the sign-up form on the main page.)

godmother_cover_smallI started with a bunch of random, sexy scenes and a bunch of crazy characters, then realized I had to get them sorted into some kind of reasonable outline.

In the process, the lusty fairy tale became somewhat of a spirited — but still sexy — adventure, with evil witches and boastful fake wizards and even a twisted toad man. Plus princes, princesses, warriors, sinister henchmen and something a tale like this cannot do without, a wicked stepmother.

The leading lady is a novice fairy godmother, Delikaty, who is eager to find humans to whom to lend a helping hand, and finds herself thrown headlong into adventure, not to mention occasionally naked.

It will be published soon. I hope you like it.

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