My new novella, Have You Heard the One About the Fairy Godmother, is coming along, and with each new chapter and bend in the characters' road I'm getting more and more excited about sharing it with you.

(This is, by the way, the novella that will be given away free to all who have joined my mailing list, the sign-up field for which is on the front of this website.) 

There is, however, one major concern. When I first conceived of the idea — a ribald romance set in a fairy tale world — I gave it a whimsical working title that I thought befit the tale's whimsical concept. My original plan was to make it a send-up of fairy godmothers and the roles they play in the fairy tales we know and love.

In the unfolding of the tale, however, as I met these characters and saw what situations they were getting themselves into, the tale became, while still heroic and daring and filled with stalwart knights and cagey wizards and fanciful fairies and buxom princesses, was not the happy-go-lucky frisky fairy tale I originally had envisioned. It's more of a straight-up (so to speak) adventure tale, in which our novice fairy godmother, Delikaty, helps the heroic Prince Bennet overthrow the wicked Queen and win the heart of the plucky Princess LilyBeth. There are sword fights and fist fights and princesses trapped in magical towers and monsters and a very unimpressed toad. Also, the characters can't seem to keep their hands off each other.

So, I'm having second thoughts about the Catskills-comic-style title I originally gave the story. While I haven't made any changes in an official sense, I'm considering The Fairy Godmother's First Time, but I'm also open for suggestions.

What do you think?